Merry Christmas EVE 12 Days of CrossFit WOD


“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.”

- Dr. Suess

Words from a children's book, but words that reach far beyond. It’s easy to get caught up in “life”.

To be so focused on chasing our next goal. Hunting that next accomplishment. Dr. Suess gives us a grounding thought: to value the present. To appreciate the moments in front of us, despite how tempting it may be to look ahead. In today’s world, we’re moving faster than ever. Planning more than ever. Forecasting more than ever. But in all the plans that we could possibly dream up, regardless of how big and audacious as they may be, they do not create memories. Only today can.

For time:

12 Days of CrossFit 1 HSPU 2 Power cleans (155/105)(135/95)(125/85) 3 Front squats (155/105) (135/95)(125/85) 4 Push Press(155/105)(135/95)(125/85) 5 Deadlifts (155/105)(135/95)(125/85) 6 Burpees 7 Toes to bar 8 Box jumps (24/20) 9 Ab Mat Sit ups 10 Wall balls (20/14) 11 KBS (55/35) 12 Alt DB Snatches (55/35)(55/35)

The workout is performed just like the song. 1 HSPU to start, then 2 power cleans + 1 HSPU, then 3 front squats + 2 power cleans + 1 HSPU, and so on.

If you are doing it partner style....its YOU GO I GO...1,1, 2,2,1,1, 3,3,2,2,1,1........


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Friday Sept 25th WOD

Strength: 9min EMOM: 1 Power Clean 2 Hang Power Cleans 1 Push Press Conditioning: 16 Min AMRAP Cash in: 200m Farmers Carry (50/35)(40/25) 9 t2b 26 Dubs 9 Push Press (135/85)(115/75) 26 Shoulder Taps C

Thursday Sept 24th WOD

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Wednesday Sept 23rd WOD

Partner WOD: 26min AMRAP: *26 Reps of each movement...split reps evenly btwn partners) KBS Wall Balls Hang Power Snatch (135/85)(115/75)(95/65) Planking Burpees Alt DB Lunges Front Squats (135/85)(115