Friday Feb 18th Skill WOD


Warm up: (3min):

2 x 20m single arm Kettlebell overhead walk

Strength (7min):

3 sets of max reps (to failure) barbell strict press @ 70% of your 1 Rep Max strict press. Rest 90sec between sets.

Tabata (12min):

5 rounds:

20seconds of max quality reps: Knees on box Handstand Push-up.

Rest 40seconds between rounds.

Rest 2 Min then repeat the 5 rounds. (Hands shoulder width apart, elbows in and forearms remain vertical throughout the rep, finish with upper body stacked over wrists.

Video example: This is working on your inverted stability.)

Accessory (6min):

2 sets of 10 single arm heavy Dumbbell rows

Skill (5min):

Accumulate 8 to 10 wall walks

Skill (10min)

10 min EMOM

Pick a number of kipping handstand pushups you can complete in 10 seconds.(10 seconds of work, 50 seconds of rest). Choose a rep range which can be maintained for all 10 sets.

The focus for this is quality not volume! (Advanced people can work for 20 seconds) *IF you do not have HSPU at all, you will spend the 10min trying to kick up into a Handstand Hold for 10-20 Seconds EMOM

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