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Tuesday May 7th WOD

Reminder!! This week is Bring a Friend week! If you know anyone that would love to try out a class, bring them on in! One Time Special Pricing offered for all friends that come in!

Strength: Front Squat

Part A: Find a 3RM

Part B: Perform 20 Rep Back squat using 75% of 3RM

Conditioning: THEY ARE BACK!

A lungster is:

Reverse Lunge Right

Revers Lunge Left

Thruster = 1 Rep!

10 Lungesters (115/75)(95/65) 7 Pull Ups 9 Lungesters 7 Pull Ups 8 Lungesters 7 Pull Ups 7 Lungesters 7 Pull Ups 6 Lungesters 7 Pull Ups 5 Lungesters 7 Pull Ups 4 Lungesters 7 Pull Ups 3 Lungesters 7 Pull Ups 2 Lungesters 7 Pull Ups 1 Lungester (No Pull Ups after final Lungester)

Pull ups are always 7 reps

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