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Congrats to Byaan for being April's Athlete of the Month!

Congrats to Byann for being April's Athlete of the Month. Byaan joined Max Effort to help prepare himself for a life and career in the US Navy! He passed the physical and written test he needed to pass and is one step closer to his goal! Congrats Byaan! Keep up the great work!

How were you introduced to Max Effort Fitness?

My mother told me about MEF and signed me up.

What is your proudest accomplishment since being a member at MEF?

Back squatting 305 pounds.

What is your or biggest improvement since joining MEF?

I've gained alot of muscle and endurance.

What is your six month goal?

To gain more endurance

What is your favorite exercise?

Back squats.

What is your least favorite exercise?


If you created a workout, what would it be?

A 5 step jog followed by a push up

What is your Favorite cheat food?

Anything chocolate .

What do you love most about Max Effort Fitness?

How caring and loving everyone is.

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Conditioning: 30min Amrap 30 Push Presses (125/85)(115/75)) 30 Pull-Ups 30 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (125/85)(115/75) 30 Sit-Ups(45/25) 30 Toes-to-Bars 30 Push-Ups 30 Slam Balls 30 Back Squats 125/85)(

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