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Pull up Progressions:

Pull up Program Notes:

-No Pull-ups Goal: 1 Pull-up

Day 1: 5x 8-12 banded Pull-ups (If you can do 12, move to a smaller band)

Day 2: 5x Max negative and hold in sticking point of your Pull-up

-1 Pull-up Goal: 5 Pull-ups Day 1: 5 x ME Pull-ups (Record how many you get each week, try to increase your total numbers. Add 1 set each week) Day 2: 5 x ME Pull-ups

*Start working on your kip

-5 Pull-ups

Men's Goal: 10 Pull-ups & 20 Kipping Women's Goal: 7 Pull-ups & 15 Kipping

Day 1: 5 x ME Pull-ups

Day 2: 5x5 weighted pull-ups 3xME kipping

*You can always do more pull-ups throughout the week of needed. Start with this and the add days in as needed. Use this guide for any style pull-up we use.

* You can perform Joker Sets throughout this program with all you strength lifts if time permits.

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