Wednesday April 14th WOD


Pull ups:

1. Banded Hollow Lat  Pull down 3x8

2. Negatives

4x3 (3 count decent)

4x3 (5 count Decent)

*If you do not work on BMU drills, do more pull up negatives or Ring Row Negatives with a 3 count decent

Bar Muscle Up:

1. Pull Down Hollow Drill 3x5 with 10 sec hold at the top

2. BMU Scoop to hollow:  15 slow reps

*(do only the 1st dril:  the band with feet elevated on box)

3. Arch/Hollow Tension Drill: 2x10 Reps

Conditioning: Partner WOD

20 Min Amrap

200 M Run Together 30 pull-ups 40 DB Alt Snatches (50/35)(40/25) 50 push-ups 60 Slam Balls

*Split reps evenly

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