Thursday Oct 29th WOD

BODY WEIGHT/ DB WEEK and Important Class time info for 10/29-11/3.

The times listed below are the only ones affected. If the time is not listed, A COACH for the class will be there as normal. If you are not sure, please email me or send me a text. 484-477-2153

Thursday 10/29: 9:30am and 4:30pm ARE OPEN GYM. NO 4:30pm ZOOM

Friday 10/30: 9:30am OPEN GYM

Saturday Halloween: NORMAL schedule with Coach Bill

Monday 11/2: 5am & 6am: Open Gym, NO 9:30am class

Tuesday 11/3: 5am & 6 am OPEN GYM, 9:30am TBD

* I will keep you posted and update regarding Tuesday 9:30am class.

ALL WILL BE BACK TO NORMAL ON WEDNESDAY 11/4. Thank you for your cooperation over these next few days.


3 rounds

30 mountain climbers

10 PVC strict press

10 PVC Thrusters

10 PVC front squat


26 Min Amrap


2 DB Thrusters

2 Pull ups/ RIng Row or Dumbell Row

30 Dubs or 30 Hops over Dumbell


4 DB Thrusters

4 Pull ups/Ring Row or Dumbell Row

30 Dubs 30 Hops over Dumbell


6 DB Thrusters

6 Pullups/RIng Row or Dumbell Row

30 Dubs 30 Hops over Dumbell

*Continue up the ladder for a total of 26 min...increasing reps by 2.

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