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Monday March 23rd AT HOME WODS

DB WOD: 4 Rounds

8 Man Makers

20 Deadlifts

24 One-Arm Dumbbell Thrusters

10 Scissor Kicks

* 12 each arm DB Thrusters

Body Weight WOD:

15 Min AMRAP 1 Push Up + 1 Shoulder Tap + Tap (left/right) 1 Jump OVER 2 Push Up + Tap + Tap 2 Jump OVER 3 Push Up + Tap + Tap 3 Jump OVER... Keep adding 1 rep per movement and get as far as possible in 15 min

*U will always do a push up +Tap + Tap regardless of what number you are on.  So push up tap/ tap. push up + tap/tap, push up + tap/ tap would mean u are on ur # 3 You can jump over ANYTHING! A laundry basket, a bench, a chair , a Dumbell, whatever!

Bodybuilding extra credit. (Can be done before or after WOD at any time of day)


DB standing or seated Shoulder Press

3 x12

Tri set x 3

1. lateral raise x 12

2. Bent over Fly x12

3. Front DB Front Raise x12

*can use soup cans if u don’t have lighter Dumbells or lateral/ front raises

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