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Monday June 13th WOD

Strength: You will take 50% of your 5 rep max for each lift. It may seem light at first, but you will be adding weight 5-10lbs to the bar each workout. Increase weight as you progress through the cycle at a reasonable rate. Increments can be as little as 1lb and as much as 10lbs. It really depends on how you feel. Usually the first few weeks you will be adding 5+lbs per workout.

You should only increase the weight when you can perform all 5 sets for 5 reps (which means some days you may not be able to get 5 reps for all your sets, and that’s fine).

Strength: Shoulder Press 5x5 (50% of 5rm)

Conditioning: (15min Cap)

10 Rounds

6 Devil Press (50/35)(45/25)

9 Box Jump

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