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Friday Toes to bar Skill

Warm up: 2 rounds

10 KBS

10 Elbow Plank to Tall Plank

10 banded face pulls (attach a band to a rig and pull the band towards your face with your elbows high and outside)

2 rounds: 10 scap pull ups and 10 scapular push ups. (5min):

Alternating Tabata: (4min) hollow body hold and superman holds.

8 sets of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. Alt movements per tabata

6 mim EMOM 30 Seconds Work/30 Seconds Rest Alternating Movements for 6 Minutes

Odd Minutes: Hollow Hold on bar Even Minutes: Arch Hold on bar

9 min EMOM: Kipping practice on the bar (10 swings). For the first three minutes perform small tight kips. Focus on achieving a tight rhythm.

For the second three minutes engage more through your lats and aim to get bigger kips while keeping body tight (come all the way through the bar and press hard behind)

Last 3 min Focus on Big Kip Knee to chest

KB T2B scale (Touch feet to KB using the T2B motion, knees bent and straight

5 STRICT Toes to Bar

Practice Doing SINGLE T2b on bar....Jump up...Kip/Tuck/Kick/ jump down. Repeat.

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