Friday Skill Open 22.3 Prep

Repeating the double under session due to 22.3 duuuuuubs!

Warm up: 6 Lap jog around gym

Warm up: 2 rounds (walk up and back length of the gym. Line up in single file line)

- Walking on toes

- Walking on heels

- Heel to toe walk

- Walking heel sweeps

3 rounds:

- 30 small hops, jump up onto a 35/45lb bumper plate

-8 box jumps on 20" box, step down after each jump.

100 perfect single jump ropes using a VERY HIGH JUMP

Tabata PVC Drill (8 rds 20sec work, 10 sec rest)

8rds. Hold PVC with arms at a 90 degree angle and underhand grip

Hands outside of shoulders, elbows behind ribs and wrists near hips

Relax your upper body.

Perform constant HIGH jumps as if using a rope for the Tabata rounds

Tabata Penguins (4rds of each) 20sec work 10sec rest

Single, Fast, Short x 4

Single Tall Long x 4

Double Tall long x4 (This is your regular penguin jump)



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