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Tuesday Dec 10th WOD


“For most of us, the problem is not a lack of goals. But rather too many of them.” – Roy F. Baumeister

Goal setting can be exciting. We all love doing it… thinking about the future. To plan, visualize, and dream. It’s arguably a major strength of ours, as there rarely ever is a shortage we can list off.

The quote brings to light that this strength is however a double-edged sword. For we can create so many goals that we actually dilute our focus. And dilute our time and effort. It’s not that some aren’t important to us, but… if everything is important, then nothing is important.

Less can be more. In the words of Confucius, “The Person who chases two rabbits, catches neither”.


1. Deadlift

1x8 60%,

1x8 @ 65%,

1x8 @ 70%,

1x8 @ 75%

2. Super Set 3x8

Bent over DB Rows (DB in both hands)

DB Stiff Leg DL


3 Rounds (18min Cap)

10 Pull Ups 12 Clean and Jerk (115/75 RX +) (95/65 RX) 15 Thrusters *Choose a weight that allows for at least 4-5 reps unbroken.

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