Thursday Nov 21st WOD

Strength: Bench Press (90%)

1x8 @ 65

1x6 @ 75

1x4 @ 85

1x4 @ 90

Tricep Ext 3x10

DB Hammer Curl 3x12 (each arm)


4 Rounds: (15min CAP) 100 Meter Farmers Carry (50/35) (DB or KB for each hand)

20 Push-ups

30 AbMat Sit-ups

*100m is 4 houses down and back


When carrying the dumbbells or kettlebells, we want to prevent them from swinging. There are three ways we can do this:

Take Short Choppy Steps

Keep the Arms Glued to the Rib Cage

Maintain a Soft Bend in the Knee

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