Sept 10th WOD

Strength: 15 min to find 1RM Front Squat

Conditioning: 15 Min AMRAP 3 Front Squat (135/95)(115/75) 3 Toe to Bar 6 Front Squat 6 Toe to Bar 9 Front Squat 9 Toe to Bar etc etc Get as far as you can by increasing the reps by 3 in 15 min. Choose a weight that you are confident you will be able to perform consistent reps of 3-5 even when extremely tired!

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Friday May 7th WOD

Strength: 10min EMOM 2 Deadlift 2 Hang Power Clean 1 Hang Squat Clean *Increase weight as you go to a heavy complex Conditioning: 7 Rounds 7 Power Cleans (135/95)(125/85)(115/75) 14 Plate to Overhead

Thursday May 6th WOD

Strength: Bench Press 3x10 @ 65% Bicep Curls: 3x 12 each arm Tricep Ext: 3x12 Conditioning: 2 Rds (15min CAP) 20 Push Ups 15 Ring Row 10 T2b/knee to chest 400m Run 20 Push Ups 15 Ring Row 10 T2b/knee