Tuesday July 16th WOD


Alternating 12min EMOM Odd Minutes - 3 Front Squats Even Minutes - 6 Back Squats

*Barbell - 66% of 3-Rep Back Squat This is an increase of 3% from last week.


Every 2 Min for 16 Min: 5 Deadlifts (Rx+ 185/125 or 165/115) (Rx 155/105 or 135/95)) 3 Squat Cleans

Rest remainder of the 2 min. The weight you choose will be determined by your Squat Clean

*If you are unable to perform squat cleans you may sub 3 Front Squats

****The weight you choose for this is going to be VERY individual, so don't worry too too much about RX or not. Chose a weight that is about 70-75% of 1 RM Squat Clean.

-For the deadlifts - the goal would be to do all 5 - touch and go. After the deadlifts you may drop the bar and take a breather.

-Cleans can be in singles if necessary - but make sure you are getting 30 seconds of rest each time after the cleans - before the next round. IF you are not, lower the weight.

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