Tuesday May 21st WOD

Strength: Back Squat 3x15 (50% of 1RM)

Conditioning: For Time: 12-1 ladder (Compare time from Feb 6th)

12 Dumbbell Snatch Right Arm (Rx+50/35) (Rx40/25) 12 Overhead Alt Lunges Right Arm 12 Dumbbell Snatch Left Arm 12 Overhead Lunges Left Arm 11 Dumbbell Snatch Right Arm 11 Dumbbell Overhead Lunges Right 11 Dumbbell Snatch Left 11 Dumbbell Overhead Lunge Steps Left 10 Dumbbell Snatch Right 10 Dumbbell Overhead Lunge Steps Left 10 Dumbbell Snatch Left 10 Dumbbell Overhead Lunge Steps Left... 9




................ Keep going down the ladder till you get to 1

For the Lunges:

You will do all 12 alt lunges with the dumbbell straight up overhead with your right arm fully locked out the entire time. Then you will switch and do the same on the left arm.

*Scaling option will be to keep the dumbbell in the front rack on the right shoulder, and then left shoulder

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