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Wednesday April 8th WOD

Reminder!! This week is Bring a Friend week! If you know anyone that would love to try out a class, bring them on in! One Time Special Pricing offered for all friends that come in!

Conditioning: Partner WOD. Split reps evenly

200M Run Together

100 Partner Wall Ball Sit ups (20/14)

90 Box Jumps/Step ups (24/20) *Partner hangs from pull up bar

80 DB Snatchs (55/35)(35/25) *Partner holds top of deadlift (205/135)

70 Deadlifts (225/155)(185/135) *Partner holds handstand at wall/Wall plank/Plank

200 Jump Ropes

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Saturday April 13th WOD

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Friday April 12th WOD

Strength: 10min Emom 1 Power Snatch 1 Hang Power Snatch 2 OHS Conditioning: 5 rounds 50 Dubs 5 Pull ups 5 T2B 30 Air Squats


STRENGTH: BENCH PRESS 1x5 @ 65% 1x5 @ 70% 1x5 @ 75% 1x5 @ 80 % 1x20 @ 50% SUPER SET: BICEP CURLS 3X12 (EACH ARM) TRICEP EXT OR DB KICK BACKS : 3X12 CONDITIONING: 12 Minute AMRAP 6 Hang Squat Cleans (1

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