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Thursday April 25th WOD


Pull ups:

10 set of Negative singles…GO AS slow as you can on the negative

Bar Muscle up:

5-10 good reps rest as needed "BMU get out of pool w box"


4 Round, 1 Min at each Station (Total time 20min ) Each Round is: 1 Min Max Ring Row 1 Min Max Push Ups 1 Min KB Swings (55/35) 1 Min Goblet Squats

Rest Score: Total Completed Reps for the WHOLE thing Goal: 160 Reps + (Can you get over 200??)

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Monday June 17th WOD

Strength: OHS - 7 sets x 3reps @ 75 - 85% (Pause 3 sec at bottom of last rep of each set) Conditioning: 15min Amrap Cash in: 100m OH plate carry (45/25) (2nd set of twin houses drive. (House with Awn

Saturday June 15th Wod

Partner WOD: partners will alternate and complete full rounds: 10 rounds (5 rds each) 200m run 9 Push Press 95/65 lbs ) — then, 8 rounds of: (4rds each) 200m run 6 Hang clean & jerks (95/65 lbs — then


Conditioning: 4 rounds 400 Meter Run 8 Toes to Bar 14 Deadlifts (225/155)(205/135) 16 DB split squats (50/35)(45/25)

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