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Tuesday April 2nd WOD

Warm up

Core Work:

1. Alt Lying leg lowers: 30 GOOD REPS. (2sec down/2sec up)

Quality and control of low back and pelvis positioning are the goal of this exercise. You will attach a thin green band to the rack and bring arms out straight over chest. See Video for similar demo

2. Front Rack Single Arm KB Squats: 3x8 each side. 2sec down, 2 count pause at bottom. Fast up


1. Stiff Leg Dead Lifts 4x10

2. 3 x 20 side step lunges (10 each leg) (step up sideways on box keeping leading leg on the box the entire time. Then switch


For Time: (15min CAP) 40 Front Rack Alt Lunges (115/75)(95/65) 100 DB Snatch (50/35) 40 Front Rack Lunges

Dumbell (Front Rack Position) RX Men: 50lb DB RX Women: 35lb DB

Scale MEN: 35lb

Scale Woman 20lb

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