Wednesday March 27th WOD

Skill: 10 min to work on a Gymnastics weakness from the OPEN

Conditioning: Partner WOD

20 Minute AMRAP -Partner A runs one 400M Sprint -Partner B does AMRAP Hang Power Snatches until A gets back. (115/75)(95/65)

Switch and repeat. (score is reps of hang power Snatch) (Each person only runs once and Snatches once) -Partner A runs 400 M -Partner B does AMRAP Push Press until Partner A returns. Switch and repeat. Again, each person only runs once and Push Press once.  score is reps Push Press  Partner A runs 400 M Partner B does AMRAP Double Unders Switch and repeat. score is reps of Dubs Partner A runs 400 M Partner B does AMRAP Burpees Switch and repeat. score is reps Burpees

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