Thursday Feb 21st

Strength: Bench Press (90% of 1RM) 

1x8 @ 65 %

1x6 @ 75

1x4 @ 85

1x4 @ 90 %


5 Rounds (goal for each round is under 3 min) 7 Pull Ups 8 Front Rack Lunges (115/75)(95/65) 7 Pull Ups 8 Front Rack Lunges 7 Pull Ups 8 Front Rack Lunges Rest 1 Min after each round

*Goal for each round is to be completed Under 3 Min.

*When the clock starts, you will do 7 pull ups and 8 front rack lunges 3 times.  Then you will rest for 1 min.  You will repeat that WHOLE thing 4 more times for a Total of 5 rds. Your score is the slowest round completed.  You need to go hard each time  but don't go TOO Hard or you won't be able to maintain in later rounds. The goal is 3 min or less per round, so choose pull up style and weight accordingly.  If your first round takes you longer than 3:15.  Change something (weight/pull up style/lunge style )

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