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Tuesday Dec 11th WOD

Strength: 20min to Find 1 RM Back Squat

Conditioning: 15 min Cap

100 Alt Barbell Lunges (115/75)(95/65) Every Min on the Min 4 Burpees (Rx+ is 5 Burpees) When the clock starts you will do 4 burpees (or 5 for RX+). Then you have the rest of the minute to do as MANY Alt Lunges as you can. When the minute is up - you start the next minute with 4 burpees.

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Thursday July 25th WOD

Strength: Bench Press 1. DB Single Arm Bench Press 4x 6ea arm 2. BB Bent Over Rows 4x6 Superset: -Waiter Curls (only 1 heavy DB) 3x8-10 VIDEO -Tricep Dips (use box/bench/rings/machine) 3x5-8 VIDE Cond

Wednesday July 24th Wod

Skill-based Strength:Split Jerk 1. Split Jerks: 5 sets x 2 reps @ barbell weight to 65% of Jerk max VIDEO Conditioning: Christmas Eve in July: 12 Days of Barbell 1 Deadlift (95/65) 2 Hang Power Clean

Tuesday July 23rd WOD

Strength: Single Leg Strength - 1. DB Bulgarian Split Squats 5x8 per leg VIDEO 2. Single Leg KB DL (use the rig for balance and keeping good form) 5x8 per leg 20 Minute AMRAP 15 Front Squats (135/95)(

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