Happy Halloween WOD

Reminder!! There is NO 5:30pm or 6:30pm CrossFit Class. And also NO 8pm Conditioning class due to Halloween.

Enjoy your Halloween WOD which spells out the word "HALLOWEEN!!!!"

Conditioning: (NOT a Partner WOD) 31min Amrap 10 Handstand Push ups 31 Ab Mat Sit ups 10 puLl ups 31 Lunges with dumbell (45/25) (alternating, 31 total) 10 OHS (Rx+135/95)(Rx115/75) (scale 95/65) 31 Wall Balls (20/14) 10 latEral Jumps over bar 31 kEttle Bell swings (Rx+70/55)(Rx55/35) 10 haNg Power Cleans (Rx+135/95) (Rx115/75)(scal95/65)

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