Tuesday Oct 23rd WOD

Wishing a very special birthday to both Betsy and Carolyn!! Hope you ladies enjoy your day and your workout!!!

Warm Up:

10 Glute Bridges

10 DB Banded Split Squat (10 each leg) (35/20) (For major Glute activation) Slow and controlled, resist the pull of the band) (2 count on way down, 1 on way up)

10 KBS (55/35)

Strenght: Back Squats

1. Back Squat 5x4 @65% tempo 32X2

(3 count on way down, 2 sec pause at bottom, 2 count on way up)

Conditioning: For Time (20min Cap)

50 Devil Press (50/35rx+)(35/20Rx)

28 Dubs

50 DB Reverse Lunges (Left+Right = 1 rep)

28 Burpees

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