Wednesday Oct 17th WOD


400 meter Farmer Carry (55/35) Both partners walking and holding KB's or DB's

100 Air Squats / Plank Hold

90 Pull-Ups / Superman Hold

80 Sit-Ups / Wall Sit Hold

70 Box Jumps / Hanging from Pull up bar Hold

60 Hand-Release Push-Ups / Handstand Hold

50 Buddy Deadlifts (225/155) Both parnters lift bar togeher

400 meter Farmer Carry (55/35)

*To start, partners will do the farmer carry together (each person carries two kettlebells, one in each hand). For the next five movements one partner works while the other partner ‘holds.’ If one partner takes a break, partners switch positions then continue. The buddy deadlifts are performed with a single bar, both partners lifting it together.

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