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Tuesday Aug 21st

Warm up: 3 Rds

6 Tall Kneeling Single Arm KB Bottoms up Press (6 each arm) Explode up, slow on the decent.

Squeeze core and glutes while kneeling

10 Goblet Lateral Band Walks left/right side

20 Kettle Bell Swings

Strength: Front Squat

5x3 with 3 sec pause at bottom

Conditioning: (15-20min cap)

6 Rounds 6 HSPU (scale 3 Wall Climbs on the wood!) 6 Burpee Pull Ups (scale with burpee + db row) 9 Deadlifts (225/155rx+) (185/125rx)

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Conditioning: For Time Partner WOD (Split reps) 1,200m/1000m row 60 Hang Power snatches (115/75)(95/65) 60 Handstand pushups/ Kneel and Press 800m/600m row 40 Hang Power Cleans (115(95/65)75)(95/65) 4

Unfortunately it’s that time of year again! Unfortunate for me because, well, it’s my birthday and 44 is BLAH. Unfortunate for you all because you get to enjoy my bday WOD filled with STEPHSTERS!! 🤣�

Strength: Push Press 5x3 (Increase weight each set) Conditioning: 3 Rounds 200 Meter Run 15 Power Snatch (115/75)(95/65) 10 Burpee 200 Meter Run Rest 1 Minutes Between Rounds

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