Monday Aug 13th WOD

Abs for August: 4 sets: Crossbody KB Carry

Walk from back of gym up to window with your Right arm holding a KB in Farmers carry position and your left arm holding in Front Rack Position. Once you get to the window you will then switch arms, Left arm will now be holding in Farmers carry, right arm will be holding in Front Rack.

A Crossbody carry is 1 arm holding a KB in Farmers carry position. One arm is holding KB in the Front Rack Position.

Strength: Press 4x3 @ 80 of of 1 RM + ME set on 4th

DB Rear Delt Row 2x12


"Big Tasty"

3 rounds

100 m Farmers Carry (70/55)

5 power cleans (185/135) (155/105)(135/95)

10 devil presses( (35/25)

50 dubs (100 singles)

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