Friday Aug 10th

Muscle Clean 10 min EMOM

2 sets EMOM

(Set= 1 MC from ground, then 1 MC from below knee, then 1 MC from above knee)

*So you will be completing 6 reps in the minute.

This movement is all about the UP portion of the clean. There is no pull under or rebend of the knees. Start light and focus on power and speed. You may add weight as long as the turnover still fast!


5 Rounds (20min Total) 1 Round Every 4 Min (No Rest Between Rounds) 40 Double Unders (Rx+ = 60 dubs) 20 Slam Balls Max Reps Push Press (115/75Rx+)(95/65rx)

Score is Max Rep Push Press

Choose a weight on the Push Press that will allow you to get 10-15 Reps per round. Dubs should not take more then 90 seconds. IF you need to scale number of dubs, or switch to singles DO SO, so you can keep moving for the duration of this workout.


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