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Tuesday June 26th WOD

Strength: Front Squats 15-20min to find a 10RM

Conditioning: (14min total)

Every 2 Min for 7 Rounds Run 200 Meters (Rx+155/105) (Rx135/95) 7 Front Squats Goal: Complete all 7rds within the 2 minutes - and choose a weight that is heavy for you!!!!!!

Push intensity and go as fast as possible every round, but I also want you to challenge yourself to go heavy!!! The run is something that should take roughly 45 seconds to 1:10 at an uncomfortable pace. If you are unable to do so, base the distance off of how good a runner you are. Meaning, you may have to scale the run to 100m instead of the 200m and or set up closer to the door so you are not wasting time.

For the front squats - this should be a weight that you CAN do all 7 unbroken..but also choose a weight where it is going to make you fight through. Don't limit yourself with RX or RX+ options. Either increase or Decrease depedning.

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