Thursday June 14th WOD


HSPU, Strict Deficit Handstand Push-ups (3″/2″ height) Bar Muscle Ups

**If you wish to do something other then the SKill: Limited to the amount of people to row/bike ratio.

Pre Conditioning WOD

For Time: 21-15-9 Row Calories OR Bike Calories

200 Meter Farmers Carry (53/35)


2 OPTIONS!!!!!!!!!! RUN/ BIKE/Row (Choose 1 and stick to it)

Every 5 Min for 3 Rounds -200M RUN, or 250 Meters Row or 15 Cal Bike (Men) / 10 Cal Bike (Women) -8 Thrusters (95/65)

-200M RUN, 250 Meters Row or 15 Cal Bike (Men) / 10 Cal Bike (Women)

***Rest remainder of 5 min

The way this works is, you have 5min to do 1 full round. The goal is to get at least a minute rest if not more. Choose your weight wisely and if your first round takes you 4 min or close to it you may lighten the weight or drop the reps to even 5-6 The run should take about 1 min each time. You should try to run pretty hard since there is scheduled rest.

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