Tuesday June 5th WOD

Strength 1. Box Squats

10 min EMOM

2 Box Squats EMOM Set box to just below parallel. Aim is less about weight and more speed off the box.

2. Front Squat Build to a Heavy Single


12 Min AMRAP 6 Single Arm KB Swing Right (Men45-55) (Woman 35-25) 6 Weighted Step Ups Right leg 6 Single Arm KB Swing Left 6 Weighted Step Ups Left leg 12 Box Jumps

For the step ups, you will hold the weight at the shoulder OPPOSITE of the working leg. So if your right leg is on the box, the weight will be on your left shoulder. For the Step ups, you will step up with your right leg and leave the leg on the box the entire time, but will step down with the left leg ( so you are keeping constant tension on the right leg) then do the same for the left leg)

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