Tuesday April 17th Wod

Core Work:

Tabata style (20 sec on/10 off) (4min)

Hollow Body Hold

2. Front Rack Single Arm KB Squats: 2x8 each side. 3sec down, 2 count pause at bottom. Fast up


Front Squats 3x15 (45-50% or 1rm)


AMRAP 12 MIN: 8 Back Rack Reverse Lunge Right leg (Rx+ 115/75)(RX95/65) 8 Back Rack Reverse Lunge Left leg 8 Push Press 30 Double Unders (Rx+ 50 dubs) DB's: (Rx+ 50/35)(Rx 40/25) Goal: 7 rounds +

*You will Step Back wards on the lunges with knee gently tapping the ground. You should DEFINITELY choose a weight that you will try to do 8 on the right and 8 on the left without dropping the bar or dumbells

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