Friday April 6th WOD

Skill Day!

Pull ups:

1. Hanging Active Shrugs 3x10

2. Negatives (jump into chin up hold) - then lower 5 sets of singles with a 3 count decent

Ring Dip:

1. Dip Pulses 3x10

2. Negatives (jump into dip hold) then lower 5x1

Bar Muscle Up

30 controlled reps of: standing hollow pull-downs

Bar Muscleup Rolling Drill 3x10

BMU rolling pull downs: *arms should stay straight the entire time. * Body in hollow position -

pull down hard on bar as you come back


15min Amrap 15 Burpee 15 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (115/75)(75/55) (KB 55/70)

15 Push Press (35/50 dumbell)

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