Thursday April 5th WOD

Core Strength: (10min)

Front Rack Single Arm KB Squats  2x8 each side. 3 sec down, 2 count pause, up fast.

KB Suitcase Hold: Hold a weight in one hand, switch hands as needed for 4 total minutes

The Burgener Warm-Up

Strength: 20min to  Find a 1RM Snatch or 1RM Clean and Jerk

Choose which variation works best for you. Squat or Power

Conditioning: 12min total time (Go hard and fast!)

5min Amrap 21 Mountain Climbers 21 Toes to Bar  21 Push Jerk(115/75)

rest 2 min 

5min Amrap 15 Mountain CLimbers 15 Toes to Bar  15 KBS (55/35)

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