Wednesday April 4th WOD

Skill day!! Choose either 

Pull up

Ring Dip

Bar Muscle up. Your coach will guide you from there after you choose your skill. You will stick with that skill for the next 4weeks!

Pull ups:

1. Hanging Active Shrugs 2x10

2. Box-assisted pull ups  5x1, 3x3

3. Negatives (jump into chin up hold) - then lower 5 sets of singles with a 3 count decent

Ring Dip: 

1. Toe assisted Dips 5x1, 3x3

2. Negatives (jump into dip hold) then lower 5x1, 3 count decent

3. Dip Pulses 2x10  

Bar Muscle UP

1. Hollow body pull downs: 3x20 reps

-in between each set do 

1a. Front Lever Band Pulls  8-10reps

(use a band that is challenging but doable, NO Kipping, strict as possible)

2. Hollow Jump to support: 3min 30 sec on/30sec off


For time, in teams of 2:

2 rounds: 30 pull-ups 40 hang power clean (95/65) 50 push-ups 60 double unders -One person works for 1min straight while the other rests. Partners rotate each minute finishing out the reps.  

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