Tuesday Jan 30th WOD

Reminder:!!! Saturday at 11am we are having a Nutrition Seminar with Dr. Tracey Greenwood!

Come workout at 9am on Saturday and stay for the seminar!

Strength: Front Squats:

3x3 @ 90%

Then 1 set of 20 reps unbroken. Lower the weight to about 50%

Conditioning: Re Test! WOD was done on Dec 19th. Compare times!

Conditioning: (20min Cap)

8 ROUNDS 16 FRONT RACK Alt LUNGES (135/95) ( 115/75) 16 BOX JUMP OVERS

(can lunge frontwards or backwards)

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Strength: 12 Min Emom 1 Power clean 1 Hang power clean 1 Push press 1 Power clean 1 Hang power clean 1 Push jerk Conditioning: 12 Min Amrap 12 Thrusters (125/75)(95/65) 8 Push Ups 6 Hang Power Cleans

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Conditioning: 200m run at the start of the workout and rep # 5 & 10 1-2-3….10..11..12 reps of Power Snatch (135/95)(125/85)(115/75)(95/65) Pull ups or Bar Muscle Ups Front squat (135/95) KBS (70/55)