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Monday Dec 11th WOD

Strength: Press 5x4 @ 80%

Conditioning: Time Cap 20min

For Time 10 Wall Walks 20 Power Cleans (135/95rx+) (115/75rx) 8 Wall Walks 16 Power Cleans 6 Wall Walks 12 Power Cleans 4 Wall Walks 8 Power Cleans 2 Wall Walks 4 Power Cleans If using DB's


Woman: 25-35lb

For the wall walks you will start at the bottom of the push up with the chest and thighs on the ground and feet against the wall. You will press to the top of the push up and start to walk the feet up the wall as you walk the hands back. Big focus is keeping the belly tight and not overextending! You will walk all of the way back until your chest is against the wal

To come back down you will walk the hands out and walk the feet down. No sloppy SLIDING down or falling down the wall!

***Scaling option for wall walks are Pikes to plank on a box. You will start with the body in a pike position like we scale for HSPU on a box and walk your hands out so that you are in a perfect plank position.

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