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Congrats to Jim Jones on being December's Athlete of the Month!!

Congrats to Jimmy Jones (Uncle Jimmy) for being Decembers Athlete of the Month! Jimmy attends the 5am class religiously every MWF and works his butt off day in and day out! You can even find him running as early as 4:30am with the 5am runners and also runs 1 mile after class! Jimmy is a machine! Read below to find out what makes Jimmy tick!

1. How were you introduced to Max Effort Fitness?

My nephew mike n my son Jimmy

2. What is your proudest accomplishment since being a member at MEF?

Coming in 3rd at the in house competition

3. What is your or biggest improvement since joining MEF?

Hand stand push ups

4. What is your six month goal?

Get better at pull ups

5. What is your favorite exercise?

Sit ups

6. What is your least favorite exercise?


7. If you created a workout, what would it be?

20 min amrap 15 sit-ups 10 push ups 400 meter run

8. What is your Favorite cheat food?


9. What do you love most about Max Effort Fitness?

The people

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Saturday March 2nd

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