Happy Thanksgiving WOD!

Myself and the coaches of Max Effort Fitness are very thankful for the love and support from every single member! We can not thank you enough for the love and amazing community you all bring to MEF! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your holiday with family and friends! Remember..calories don't count today! We work out hard day in and day out to enjoy the important things in life which is  love, family and friends! 🦃😘🤗

Main course

Partner WOD! 

23min AMRAP:  

23 reps of each: (split btwn partners) Thrusters (95/65) Hang power cleans Alt reverse lunges (45/25) Nurpee (no push up) Kettle Bell Sit ups  *reps are an odd # so alternate who does the extra rep

-3 Min Rest - Dessert

11min Amrap: 

11 reps of each: (split btwn partners)

Ground to OH Inch worms V-ups Inverted Push-up (HSPU) MountainN Climbers Goblet Squats *reps are not even so alternate who does the extra rep)

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