Thursday Oct 12th WOD

Strength: Push Press (Find a 3RM)

Tricep Extensions

Single Arm DB Row (3x10)

Conditioning: "the need for speed"

10min Amrap

25 Dubs

6 Push Press(95/65) (75/55)

8 Ring Dips (scale with negative ring dips, or box dips if not able to hold self up on rings or great at push ups)

ring dip progressions

*All reps should be done unbroken, and go as fast as possible with minimal rest)

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Buy-in: 400m Then, 100 alternating DB snatches 50/35 lbs 100 Alt DB lunges 100 Weight Sit ups (45/25) 100 Push Press (95/65) 100 KBS (55/35) 100 Ring Row Cash- out: 400m

Strength: 12 Min Emom 1 Power clean 1 Hang power clean 1 Push press 1 Power clean 1 Hang power clean 1 Push jerk Conditioning: 12 Min Amrap 12 Thrusters (125/75)(95/65) 8 Push Ups 6 Hang Power Cleans

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