Wed OCT 4th WOD

Strength- 12 Minutes to build to heavy 2 rep Max Power Clean WOD- With a Partner 4 Alternating Rounds of (10 MIN Cap) 6 Hang Power Clean to Overhead 95/65 9 T2B 12 Air Squat After 4 rds-Max DB snatch ( One partner completes a round while one hangs from pull up Bar, once 4 rounds are complete max ALT DB snatches (one rest, while one works) Rest 2 minutes then complete.. 10 min cap 4 ALT rounds (While one completes 1 round, other hold plank) 6 Hang Power Snatch (same lbs) 9 t2b 12 Air Squat After 4 rounds Max Burpees remaining time (again, one does Burpees, one rest) 


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Friday Sept 17th WOD

Strength: 10MIN EMOM 1 squat clean 1 hang squat clean 1 Hang Power Clean (increase weight as you go) Conditioning: 15 Min Amrap 200 Meter Run 9 Burpees over bar Max Overhead Squats (95/65) (75/55) *Ma

Sept 17th WOD

Strength: Bench Press 4 x 5reps @ 80-85% 1 RM Triple Set Hammer Curls 3x12 Tricep Ext 3x12 DB Rows 3x12 8 Rounds (15min Cap) 8 Pull Ups 8 Box Jump Overs 8 Toes to Bar 8 Box Jump Overs RX+ Men/Women:

Wednesday Sept 16th WOD

Warm Up: Push Jerk Review Parnter WOD 50 Power snatches (75/55) 50 KBS 50 Weighted Sit ups 50 shoulder press (75/55) 40 Power snatches (95/65) 40 KBS 40 Weighted Sit ups 40 push press (95/65) 30 Power