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May 13th Anniversary In house competition!!!

Hey Guys....Few reminders and some info for Saturday.

1. Money for competition is due on or before Saturday. $50 per person.

2. Money and pre orders for Driven products is due on or before Monday. The spreadsheet link is a few post down in this group.

3. Parking for Saturday. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE METERED SPOTS. I don't want to take up parking all day for the other businesses and I don't want anyone getting a ticket. If you live close by and are able to get dropped of in the morning that would be great to save on parking spots! If not maybe some people could car pool. IF you are driving there should be plenty of street parking or the back side of rite aid.

4. Competitors please arrive around 10:30. Comp will start at 12 noon.

5. Remember to bring some food to munch on in between workouts. Fruit, protein shakes, chicken, salmon, almonds, sweet potatoes, protein bar etc.

6. REMEMBER THIS IS FOR FUN AND A LITTLE FRIENDLY COMPETITION! If this is your first time competing, don't be nervous! Just think of it as another fun filled Saturday workout!

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