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April 13th WOD

Strength: Close Grip Bench Press (90%)

1x10 @ 60%


1x6 @ 75%

1x4 @ 80%

Superset DB Rows/Banded Facepulls 4x10

2. Tricep accessory work. Dips, DB extensions, Cable Push downs, DB Overhead ext. 3x10

Conditioning: Goal is 5 rds or more

12 Min AMRAP 3 Strict Pull Ups 6 Deficit Push Ups (45/25 plates) 9 Back Squats (135/95) For the pull ups, if you don't have strict pull ups, you can sub banded strict, ring rows, or bent over rows - no kipping today!

Squats: Choose a weight you CAN do all 9 unbroken (that DOESN'T mean go supe light) Choose a weight that is challenging but doable

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