Congrats to April's Athlete of the Month!

Congrats to Mike Nolan on being April's Athlete of the month! I can not say enough great things about Mike! No matter what time of day it is, 5am or 6:30pm, he ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS has a big smile on his face and is ready to WORK...especially on Fridays in his fancy shorts!!! We love you Mike! Thank you for being a part of Max Effort! It took you a while to cash in that gift certificate, but it was def worth the wait!

How was I introduced to Max Effort?

I was introduced to Max Effort by literally just driving by and wondering what kind of torture was going on behind those fogged up windows. I stopped in one day over a year ago and to be honest was a little intimidated, so I never went back. Until I ran a 5k and won a gift card to Max Effort. It was like it was meant to be.

What is your Proudest Accomplishment?

Competing in my very first CrossFit Open workout! The name of the workout is a simple number. 17.1. It was anything BUT simple! Although I performed the scaled, I completed the workout with only 1 second to spare. When I saw the workout I thought "impossible"

What is my biggest improvement ?

I believe my biggest improvement would be my squatting. My first workout with Collin's warmups, I was dying. Now I can back squat 245lbs!

What is your six month goal?

My six month goal would be to be crushing pull ups and kipping pull ups

What is your favorite exercise?

My favorite exercise is Power Cleans. Still working on my technique but really enjoy this movement.

If you had to create a workout, what would it be?

My Workout- "Big Tasty"

3 rounds

100 meter farmers carry

5 power cleans

10 devil presses

50 dubs (100 singles)

Favorite Cheat Meal?

Definitely Wings and beer

What do I love most about Max Effort?

Without a doubt the thing I love most is the people, the team. It makes it easy to get up and go at 4:30am knowing that you are going to put yourself through a tough workout with a great team and support system.

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