March 26th

Strength: Snatch

-Muscle Snatch (3x 1) (no re dip of the knees, bar comes from the ground)

-Power Snatch Balance (3x3) Bar starts on your back with your hands in the snatch grip position, pull body under the bar, locking arms out at top. This is the same as a snatch balance except NO squat -Power Snatch (3x2)

Conditioning: 15 Min Time cap

For Time: 20 Hang Power Clean (95/65) (115/75) 20 KB Swings (55/35) 15 Hang Power Clean 15 KB Swings 10 Hang Power Cleans 10 KB Swings Rest 1 Min 10 Hang Power Cleans 10 KB Swings 15 Hang Power Cleans 15 KB Swings 20 Hang Power Cleans 20 KB Swings

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