Feb 20th WOD

Strength: Deadlift

1x8 @ 65

1x8 @ 70

1x6 @ 80

1x6 @ 85

2. DB Stiff Leg DL 3x10 (2 DB's) S/S with

DB Shoulder press 3x10 (palms facing each other)

Conditioning: 15min Time Cap 10 Devil Press RX Men 40-45) Rx Woman 25-30) 20 DB Lunges ( Alternating) 9 Devil Press 18 DB Lunges 8 Devil Press 16 DB Lunges 7 Devil Press 14 DB Lunges 6 Devil Press 12 DB Lunges 5 Devil Press 10 DB Lunges 4 Devil Press 8 DB Lunges 3 Devil Press 6 DB Lunges 2 Devil Press 4 DB Lunges 1 Devil Press 2 DB Lunges Devil Press is similar to a burpee + KB swing almost. Dumbbells can be brought up from between the knees like the video or outside the legs. It is not a clean and jerk. It should be on fluid motion once you pick it up off of the ground. If not enough DB's, a KB you may used to do a burpee into a KB swing

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Monday July 26th WOD

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Friday June 23rd WOD

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Thursday July 22nd WOD

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