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Jan 5th WOD


Bench Press...Take 90% of 1RM, then base your numbers off of 90%. For example...If your bench press is 100 lbs, 90% of 100 = 90lbs. You would then calculate 60% of 90lbs. Which = 54lbs...round up to 55lbs. 55x10 etc etc

1x10 @ 60%

1x8 @ 70%

1x6 @ 75%

1x4 @ 80%

2) Pull Ups, Negatives/Progressions. If using band do 3 sets of 8 strict reps working the negative on decent.

2a) DB Row 3x10


12 min AMRAP

40 Sit ups

10 Power Snatches (115/75)

30 Situps

10 Power Snatches

20 Sit ups

10 Power Snatches

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