Jan 3rd WOD

Today is the official start of our new strength cycle!! The Strength focus is to increase overall strength in the major lifts, squat, bench and deadlift.

Conditioning notes: Treat the workouts as strengths, rest as neccessary, TRY for those that are ready, to push yourselves to do the RX weights, all while staying safe and keeping good form. Remember we NEVER sacrifice form for weight. Less focus should be put on workout times, and more time on doing things Rx safely and or movements/progressions that are going to lead us to become stronger and a better version of ourselves!

I know people have specific goals of pull-ups/push ups ect. Please get with me and or your coach before class to discuss things you can do in btwn sets, or after class to help you reach and achieve your goals!

Happy 2017 everyone!!!


Back Squat: Take 90% of 1RM

1x10 @ 60%

1x8 @ 70%

1x6 @ 75%

1x4 @ 80%



5 Front Squats (70% 1rm)

10 Pull Ups

15 HR Push Ups (no sloppy push ups!)

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