Congrats to Christian for being February's Athlete of the Month!

Congrats to Christian for being February's Athlete of the Month! Christian, a 17yr old high school student, works hard every time he is in class and is always willing to push his body to do things he never thought were possible! He has made incredible progress since joining Max Effort back in the summer. He has gotten stronger and has increased his endurance tremendously! Keep up the great work Christian! Your hard work and determination is paying off!

1. How were you introduced to Max Effort Fitness? I saw the progress my step-brother DJ had made and decided to go with him one day and instantly liked it alot.

2. What is your proudest accomplishment since being a member at MEF? I would have to say being named athlete of the month.

3. What is your or biggest improvement since joining MEF? I have definitely increase my upper body strength and my stamina.

4. What is your six month goal? I would like to lose about 30 pounds

5. What is your favorite exercise? I like deadlifts.

6. What is your least favorite exercise? Anything that has to do with burpees.

7. If you created a workout, what would it be? It would be 10 min of hang cleans and deadlifts .

8. What is your Favorite cheat food? Pizza 9. What do you love most about Max Effort Fitness? I love the atmosphere and I love the trainers and the people that go there, It is very welcoming.

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