Monday Dec 7th WOD


1a) Snatch Balance- 3RM (15)

(Overhead Squat for people who aren't ready for the snatch balance/PVC Pipe if necessary)

2a) Deadlift- *Dead Pull & Overhand grip* (20 minutes) 70x3 80x3 90xME 70x ME Touch and Go) 2b) Reverse DB Lunge 4x10

3a) Barbell Goodmornings 4x10

3b) Strict T2B/K2E 4x ME

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Tuesday July 27th WOD

Strength: Front Squat 4x5 @ 80 % Conditioning: 4 Rounds 12 DB Dead Lifts (55/35) 6 Barbell Lunge + Squat Rx (95/65) 12 Box Jumps *Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds RX + Weight ranges: Men: 115-135# Women:

Monday July 26th WOD

Strength: Press 4x5 @ 80% Conditioning: 17min Amrap 6 HSPU 12 Power Snatches (115/75)(95/65 24 Air Squats

Friday June 23rd WOD

Strength: 10min to work on 2 touch and go Power Clean or Squat Cleans *go at own pace. Work on form and increase weight each set if possible Conditioning: (20min Cap) 15 Squat Cleans (135/95)(115/85)(